Twin Cities DUI / DWI Attorneys At Your Side

If you’ve been charged with a DWI, we understand how difficult this is for you. Clients often come to us feeling shameful, embarrassed, desperate and remorseful – worried how it will affect their job, their lives and the lives of their loved ones. These feelings are normal, and it’s our job to make sure you’re more at ease throughout the process. Although it’s a stressful time, you have many options, which we will fully explain.

Driving while impaired is an ever evolving crime in the State of Minnesota. It seems as if year after year, the Legislature enacts new measures in an attempt to discourage people from driving after they’ve been drinking. These measures often have the effect of greatly increasing the punishment you could face if convicted.

Although the area of DWI has become increasingly difficult to defend, there are still ways to fight the charges. There are various procedures that a police officer is required to follow, and in a certain order, from the moment they suspect you’ve been drinking and driving. Failure to follow the proper procedures can result in a case being dismissed. The experienced defense lawyers at Heefner Nelson Law will ensure every aspect of the case is vigorously investigated, and your rights are fully protected.

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