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If you or someone you know has been arrested for drug possession or drug trafficking, call Heefner Nelson Law. We represent individuals facing a wide range of criminal charges related to drugs, including drug trafficking, possession with intent to deliver, conspiracy, and drug manufacturing. Our attorneys also defend individuals facing the consequences of an interstate drug stop.

From the moment you contact us, we will be committed to your defense. We will do everything in our power to protect your rights, and will fully investigate your case and explore all possible defenses to your drug charges. We will work for a dismissal of the charges or a not guilty verdict.

Even if the evidence against you is strong, you will want an experienced attorney to ensure that all factors are considered at the time of sentencing. The federal sentencing guidelines are no longer mandatory. This means that even if you are convicted of the drug offense, there is still a lot of discretion involved in determining your sentence. In the State of Minnesota, on the other hand, there are mandatory guidelines in place.  However, under certain circumstances, an experienced defense lawyer can obtain a “departure” from those mandatory sentences.

You can count on our years of experience handling criminal matters. We will argue on your behalf to try to minimize the consequences of a conviction, bringing in all relevant factors that might reduce the sentence. We will be fully prepared to present your best legal and factual arguments.

The consequences for drug possession or sale in the State of Minnesota vary widely, depending on the type and amount of drug.

Criminal Consequences

Marijuana:  Depending on the amount, possession of marijuana ranges from a petty misdemeanor (not considered a crime) to a felony with a mandatory prison sentence.

Other Controlled substances, including Cocaine and Methamphetamine:  Possession of any amount, even residue, is a felony offense.  Depending on the amount involved, an individual could serve 86 months in prison.

Administrative Penalties

There can be various collateral consequences from a drug charge.  If drugs are found in a vehicle, the vehicle can be seized and the State of Minnesota will initiate forfeiture proceedings.  If money is found in the vicinity of the drugs, often times the money will be seized and the State of Minnesota will initiate forfeiture proceedings. You have the right to challenge these seizures in a court of law.

Contact our firm for a free initial consultation today and get the experienced legal defense team of Heefner Nelson Law on your side! Call us at 1-651-289-5577 or e-mail us at to set up an appointment.

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